Lasting Relief

I rarely get headaches but recently got one severe enough that I couldn’t keep working. I described the onset and symptoms to Nichole and she addressed my scalp and eye muscles in a way that brought lasting relief. She also took care of my tight and clicking jaw in the same session. I’m so grateful.  – Teri moss

Pain is Completely Alleviated

I have struggled with tennis elbow in both arms for a couple of years. After months and months of physical therapy, my pain was manageable, but certainly not eliminated. Nichole addressed both arms in one session and the pain is completely alleviated and I have full range of motion. – Teri Moss

The Very Best

Nichole Snashall knows how to treat a body well and is the only Massage Therapist I have learned to trust. She is the very best and her prices are reasonable.

A Step Above the Rest

I went into my massage with Nichole extremely tight and knotted up from stress. She was not only able to relax my body, but also fix my shoulders which had gotten hunched over from sitting at a desk at work. I get lots of massages and have been to many different people, so I am pretty picky, but I can tell you that she is amazing and definitely a step above the rest! You won’t regret going to Nichole and I most highly recommend it.

Highly Skilled, Intuitive, and Passionate

Nichole is gifted in this kind of work. This is not your typical “massage envy” massage. This is BODY WORK. She’s the person you want to call if you’re in pain and you want holistic treatment. She is highly skilled, intuitive and passionate. Do yourself a favor. She’s also mobile.

Warm and Inviting

Nichole is fabulous! If you haven’t had a bodywork session with Nichole – you must have one!
She is professional and passionate about her work. Her facility is warm and inviting.
Thank you Nichole!

Amazing Bodyworker and Gifted Healer

I’m SO grateful that I found Nichole! I’m a lover of massage and body work but I had never heard of rolfing. Nichole is truly a master and made it really easy to understand how she was going to help get my body back into alignment. I didn’t even have any idea of how much I needed her until we began the 10 sessions! I truly feel like I’m in a new body, am having virtually no pain anymore – especially in my neck and back – and have a greater awareness of my body and its true alignment. Don’t let Nichole kid you – she’s an amazing body worker, but she’s also a GIFTED healer, you can’t teach that kind of skill 🙂 I recommend her for anyone who wants to feel better, get to know their bodies, stay in alignment and release physical/emotional pain!

A Gift of Love

Karma (horse) has never had a massage before! At least that is what she told me!  With her unique leg situation and perpetually rotating saddles, I thought a massage would be in order. Or at least a gift of love!  I am familiar with human massages but know nothing about equine massage. Nichole was thorough and explained as she went. Karma was patient and receptive. I couldn’t believe the difference in watching the extension of her gait immediately after.  Like she had just told me it’s just what she needed! And “Yes” Karma told me she wants to do it again real soon.

“Truly” aka Came True

Nichole is a skilled and dedicated worker for the betterment of both people and horses.  Her skills were undeniable as she helped to bring along the recovery of a battered thoroughbred horse, once worth $100,000 and found years later bloodied and dying in the desert.  See how her work helped us to regain the mobility needed during the most important tissue regeneration phase of Truly’s recovery in this short video:.

We saw the difference her hands made and increased the sessions immediately – some thought this horse would never even walk normal again, much less trot, canter, or bear a rider.  See her now doing just that for the first time in another video:

God bless you Nichole, for you are one of Truly’s angels.