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Nichole’s sunset at Esalan 2011

Nichole Snashall has nearly 20 years of experience in the Bodywork field. Her passion is to bring nature’s balance back to both you and your horse.

She specializes in both Structural Integration for Humans and Equine Bodywork. Nichole received her Rolf method of Structural Integration education from the International School of Professional Bodywork in San Diego, California. Her training in Equine Bodywork came from Equinology, Inc. which is the only approved private post secondary school in California which is strictly dedicated to Equine Bodywork.

Nichole Snashall - Massage Room

Nichole is highly skilled and we have seen first-hand the dramatic changes that take place in her client’s flexibility levels, structural balance improvement and return of range of motion. She is currently available in the office by appointment only. Her equine appointments are available upon request and she, of course comes to you.

Nichole’s respect and awareness of both human and equine bodies is something you do not want to miss out on!