SetupWhat is Bodywork?

Bodywork is therapeutic massage customized to fit the client’s soft tissue needs.

How long does a session last?
Human sessions last approximately 75 to 90 minutes.  The first session for new clients require 5-10 minutes to process intake forms.  Equine clients that are receiving bodywork for the first time have sessions from two to three hours. Recurring equine sessions last approximately an hour and a half to two hours.

Do you charge by the session or by the clock?
Appointments for humans are charged by the clock.  For horses, I charge by the session. Every person and every horse has unique needs that I address during the session.

When will I notice an improvement?
You should notice changes occurring in your body immediately. Sometimes there is an immediate notable improvement within your horse and sometimes it takes a few sessions.Massage

How frequently should we receive Bodywork?
This all depends on you and/or your horse’s level of work, conformation, health, the extent of an injury, the footing, etc. If you have a hard workload receiving Bodywork twice a month is probably in line. A normal workload should be done at least once a month as a maintenance program and to assess your training impact as well as head off issues while still subtle.

How long do I have to wait until I can ride my horse after a session?
Actually, follow-up exercise is a component of bodywork for both you and/or your horse. Healthy, sound horses can be ridden after the session.

Horse Massage

I am showing my horse this weekend. This week is my horse’s first scheduled Bodywork appointment. Is this okay?
Once you and/or your horse are on a regular Bodywork schedule this would be okay. However, if this is you and/or your horse’s first session you both need to get used to this new way of moving and there is a chance you would be slightly sensitive after. Horses adapt to movement for a number of reasons. The increased range of motion may make you feel slightly out of sync the first time. Not a good idea at a show!

Where are you located?
My business is located in Boulder City, NV and mobile. If the session is for your horse, I will come to your horse’s stall for their session. If the session is for you, you can come to my establishment.

What do I need?
Please drink plenty of water before a session.  We can discuss any special needs, concerns or questions you may have during a pre-session telephone interview.